Meeting with Cebu-based volunteers of the Aquino Presidential Campaign

President of the Philippines
During the meeting with Cebu-based volunteers of the Aquino Presidential Campaign
[September 15, 2010, Cebu Coliseum, Cebu City]

Good afternoon to everyone.
Thank you for the very warm welcome you have accorded us here. Before I begin, I would like to express my gratitude for the support you have given me in the last election. You helped make it possible for me to be in a position to better serve the people and the nation.
You joined in our campaign to restore trust in our government and to achieve genuine change in our country. This victory of ours would not have been possible without each and everyone’s undying support. Our success in the election was a good start, and early indications have shown that we are heading to a bright future. It is a clear manifestation of the people’s real desire for change; a sign of a deepening democracy where the people willingly participate out of love for country and their fellowmen.
Nevertheless, there are many problems that we need to resolve. The corruption that we inherited from the previous administration needs to be eliminated. We must remain true to our slogan “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap.” As I have said, the real challenge lies in governance, which would translate our campaign promises into action.
I would like to share with you some positive signs of continued optimism. Just days ago, our local stock market zoomed to a historic high as it closed at 3,902 on significant volume. Our republic also embarked on a breakthrough transaction in the international capital markets with its offering of 44 billion pesos worth of 10-year Philippine Peso Global Bonds. This marked the first-ever local currency-denominated offshore issuance by the Republic and is also the first deal of its kind out of Asia. The surge of the stock market and the success of the peso bond float are a quantifiable and real vote of confidence in the country and the government, particularly our economic managers.
I am confident that after my upcoming trip to the United States, investments will come in that can bring in tens and thousands of new jobs. We have also taken concrete steps in addressing corruption. The formation of the Truth Commission headed by former Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr., the native son of Cebu, and the regular filing of cases against tax evaders and smugglers have sent a signal for us to tread the righteous path. We have also embarked on a comprehensive program to help the poor through increased spending on conditional cash transfers, education and health care.
These developments show that we are on the verge of fulfilling our utmost potential. Our pledge of transparency will enhance the positive prospects of our economy. We will continue on this journey along the straight and righteous path towards equitable progress.
To sustain the momentum of all these efforts, we need your support in expanding these gains here in Cebu.
Development should not only be focused in Manila; we need to take advantage of Cebu’s ports, booming export and IT industry, and generate more jobs for our fellow Cebuanos. We must work together to achieve this province’s great potential. I ask you to work harder and share your time and energy. I ask you to be volunteers, whose sole reward will be our success as a nation.
The spirit of volunteerism was greatly felt during the campaign—from the production of pins and fliers, to securing the ballots, to participating in different sorties. Some even used money from their own pockets. I hope that these selfless deeds will carry on beyond the campaign period. Let us find more ways to help further our agenda. Simple things like paying taxes, following traffic rules, disposing of your litter properly and not paying bribes are just some of the small things you can do. New businesses should also be established to help create more jobs for your fellow Cebuanos and generate more revenue for yourselves and for the government.
My administration is very eager to cooperate with you in order to achieve our agenda of transforming the nation. With your commitment, we will not fail. Let us build on what we have started. You can count on me to fulfill my mandate: I will lead you, and I will not fail the trust you have bestowed upon me, from which I continue to draw my strength.
Kamo ang akong boss, kamo ra gihapon ang akong kusug. You are still my boss, and you are still my strength. Ang pakig-bisug sa pagkamatinud-anon, pakigbisug sa tanan. Ang laban na tapat ay laban ng lahat.
Maayong adlaw ug daghang kaayong salamat sa inyong tanan! Magandang araw po sa inyong lahat at muli, maraming maraming salamat po!

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